Cajun Hot

Nikita Black

ISBN 0-9774269-1-2

EBook $7.00
Trade Paperback $12.00



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2001 Dorothy Parker Award of Excellence
2001 Write Touch Readers Award
2000 Rising Star Award
2001 Eppie Award
2001 Golden Quill Awards Finalist


She was looking for an orchid, but found a man who'd change her life forever...

         In the primitive wilds of the South Louisiana swamps, the hot-blooded Cajun Cherchat brothers take lost photographer Sahara Jensen captive, thinking to use her soft, warm flesh for their--and her--sexual pleasure. But when one of them unwittingly falls in love with the woman, who then is the captor, and who is really the prisoner...?
         On assignment, Sarah is deep in the swamp, looking to photograph an illusive orchid. Unfortunately, someone removed all her well placed markers and instead of finding her way back, she finds the gorgeous Cherchat brothers. Or rather, they find her. When they offer to lead her out of the swamp, her only choice is to go with the two dark strangers, or spend the night with alligators and snakes. She chooses the men.
         Jacque and Quint Cherchat aren't innocent by anyone's definition. Handsome as sin, with the devil's own imagination, they embody every woman's secret fantasies and they know it. Having a lone, stranded, female all to themselves is too good to pass up. With infinite skill and determination, not to mention delicious food, the two set out to seduce her.... But not one of the three could imagine the outcome of this night of forbidden erotic pleasures. 
         Jacque finds himself hopelessly drawn to the shy Sarah and decides to keep her, with the help of an old Cajun tradition. Naturally, Sarah has a slightly different view on this subject. She dreams of a large house and luxury, not of a cabin somewhere at the back of beyond, in the middle of the swamp. No matter who lives there, or how incredible the sex they share. Despite his magnetic appeal and her runaway emotions, escaping Jacque becomes Sarah's first priority.
         But Wild Jacque has an ace up his sleeve, and a dark secret he isn't willing to share... even if it means losing the woman he's fallen in love with.

         This full-length erotic novel is not for the reader who likes her romance sweet. It depicts politically incorrect situations and fantasies, designed for the woman who isn't afraid to explore the edgy side of human relationships and sexuality.