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Nikita Black

ISBN: 1-892520-340-0


Winner of the 2001 Write Touch Readers Award
Winner of the 2000 Rising Star Award

Nominated for the 2001 Dorothy Parker Award of Excellence
Nominated for the 2001 Eppie Award
2001 Golden Quill Awards Finalist


Nominated for the 2001 Eppie Award Winner of the 2000 Rising Star Award
2001 Dorothy Parker Award of Excellence Winner of the 2001 Write Touch Readers Award
2001 Golden Quill Award Finalist

Reviewed by Suzanne Coleburn

for The Belles and Beaux of Romance


Wow! CAJUN HOT is so hot it sizzles right off the pages! However, I loved every minute of it.


It's an erotic romance that starts out in the swamps of South Louisiana and involves ... two sexy as hell hot-blooded Cajun Cherchat brothers, Jacque and Quint... There are lots of great surprises in store for the reader as Jacque finds himself greatly affected by the innocent and shy Sahara. She's wondering what the heck is she doing in a shack in the Bayou with the hottest looking man she's ever encountered...


This is a non-stop read! If you've ever had an erotic fantasy this is the book that will blow your mind as well as something else. The book is well written and the characters are fantastic. Some of the situations are real eye-openers!


Suzanne "Wondering What Would Happen to Me if Jacque Found Me Stranded in the Bayou? Probably Not as Exciting as with Sahara, but I can Dream my own Fantasy!" Coleburn


"Nikita Black is sizzling her way to erotica romance stardom any day now! Her books take you away on a delicious erotic fantasy ride!"


The Belles and Beaux of Romance




Reviewed by Lynn Good


Freedom to Explore

When erotic novels heat up they tempt readers with a blend of scary and exciting feelings. They confirm that there is a seductive, bad-girl side to the woman next door. Frankly, I am both intrigued by and cautious about the genre. Secretly, I want to know what lurks inside such a book. Publicly I shy away. Since I try to be open to everything, when Nikita Black offered me the opportunity to read CAJUN HOT I grabbed it. 

What a found inside, spicy bedroom scenes, daring characters, and a steamy bayou culture far from my suburban experience kept me reading. This well-named novel challenges the reader to imagine steamy sex. With believable motivations and bold characters, Nikita Black kept me turning pages and wondering whether her heroine should walk away from an enviable career opportunity for an amazing man. The results, and the plot twists and turns to get there, kept me reading well into the night. 

CAJUN Hot is filled with surprises.



EWG Presents, Lynn Good On Writing

Interview with Nikita Black in the July 2000 issue.




reviewed by Susan Caraballo for URIT

My frequent complaint with erotica is the lack of story and attachment to the characters. This is definitely not a problem with CAJUN HOT. Nikita Black has penned a story that manages to be both erotic and romantic.

...If you like spicy romance or erotica then I highly recommend reading CAJUN HOT. The title says it all, the hero is definitely one hot sexy Cajun that will have your screen steaming!




Reviewed by Kathy Boswell

Kathy's Raves and Faves

***** There's nothing to describe this book, it's in a class all it's own. VERY RARE FIND! Gold Star. 

...Nikita Black has done it again. This book is so hot it sizzles. Jacque is one hot Cajun and Sahara is the one to keep those flames burning.
Interview with Nikita Black:




Reviewed by Diane Whiteside

CAJUN HOT is a fantasy of forced seduction.... A lot of taboos are explored and overcome, given the free consent of two adults and both parties' evident enjoyment. (I really enjoyed the scene where Sahara wraps Jacque up in her chains and makes him beg.) 

...This is definitely an erotic romance, especially since every plot point is marked by a sexual act. It's beautifully written and steamy, especially about a monogamous relationship. Watching Jacque and Sahara always get the other's consent to what comes next is great fun. I will confess that sweet-talking Cajun men affect men like the sound of Russian words did to Jamie Lee Curtis in A FISH CALLED WANDA: instant meltdown! Jacque and Quint are a lovely example of the type.

...If you want a superbly written erotic romance and can handle all the
taboos being broken, then this is definitely a very highly recommended book. If
you have a few hangups about some taboos being broken, then this is a
highly recommended book.
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