Breath-quickening passion!

The Renegade's Woman

Nikita Black

ISBN 0-9774269-0-4
April 1999

Ebook (PDF) $6.00

Not available in paperback

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# 1 on the Ebook Bestseller List  5 months in a row
 #7 overall Bestselling Ebook for 1999


She was looking for a new life,                                         
                     but  passion overtook her...         

       Sally Hewitt climbed into a covered wagon and headed West for a new life, praying she wouldn't run into any hostile Indians along the way. She'd heard what happened to innocent female victims at their hands... Imagine her surprise when she found she quite liked being captured by the handsome Arapaho renegade, Standing Bear. His talented hands were anything but savage or cruel, instead teaching her forbidden pleasures, coaxing reactions from her body and her heart she never dreamed possible. 
        Standing Bear is one of the Badger Men, renowned warriors sworn to fight the encroaching white man or die trying. But to save his life he cannot resist the woman he calls Pale As Moonlight, the woman who stirs his very soul. But how can he take her, when to do so would mean the end of his people?

        The Renegade's Woman tells the story of a forbidden love, one that threatens to spark a war, even as it ignites the desires of two desperate hearts. 


        This steamy erotic novella is not for the reader who likes her romance sweet. It depicts politically incorrect situations and fantasies, designed for the woman who isn't afraid to explore the edgy side of human relationships and sexuality.