Nikita Black

 Erotic Romance



Nikita Black

ISBN: 1-892520-18-4

Nominated for the 2001 Dorothy Parker Award of Excellence

# 1 on the Ebook Bestseller List for 5 months in a row

#7 overall Bestselling Ebook for 1999



    Reviewed for eBook Connections: 

    Dreams-Unlimited promises Erotic Romance with a plot, and Nikita Black delivers solid proof. THE RENEGADE'S WOMAN combines lively characters, breath-quickening passion and a real story that's as satisfying as any romance novella. The sex scenes are highly erotic, yet tastefully written and woven into the story just as I'd expect from any historical romance. Ms. Black has a style that's easy to read and oh so subtly filled with details, engaging all your senses. It's easy to picture a full-length novel that expands on the strong goals, motivations, and conflicts Ms. Black has packed into the characters and plot of THE RENEGADE'S WOMAN. I like DU's definition of Erotic Romance :)

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Reviewed by Jennifer MacBride 

for CompuServe Romance Reviews

Nikita Black has penned a sizzling hot novella in THE RENEGADE'S WOMAN. Filled with steamy love scenes and likable characters, THE RENEGADE'S WOMAN is not for the faint of heart. If you like your romance steamy, this novella is a welcome treat!

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